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Buy a Paper Shredder in Pittsburgh

Destroying documents that contain sensitive information is necessary for homes and businesses in Pennsylvania. Whether you are dealing with personal information or private Philadelphia business information, document shredding will help ensure you don’t let confidential material fall into the wrong hands.

Cases of identity theft and data breaches continue to rise across the county, and several laws, including FACTA, have been created dictating how companies handle the private information of customers and employees.

Purchase a Paper Shredder in Pittsburgh, PA

Shredding services offer a comprehensive solution for organizations that produce large volumes of paperwork that contain sensitive information. For an affordable rate, hundreds of pounds of paper can be picked up and securely shredded.

However, if your Pittsburgh organization doesn’t produce large enough amounts of paperwork, shredding services may not be your answer. Because it’s still important to thoroughly destroy confidential paperwork, purchasing your own document shredder may be your best option.

Choosing a Paper Shredder that Meets Your Needs

The first thing you’ll need to do when selecting a paper shredder is to evaluate your needs.

  • How many sheets will you want to shred at a time?
  • How much space can you dedicate to your shredder?
  • How small do you want the shredded bits to be?
  • How long do you want your shredder to last?
  • Is noise level a factor you need to consider?
  • Do you need a shredder than can handle staples, clips, or cardboard?

Once you know what you need your shredder to do, you can determine what features it will need.

Here are a few popular shredders you may consider, each within a separate price range and offering different features:

Home ShredderHome Office ShredderSmall Office Shredder
home shredderhome office shreddersmall office shredder

If you are considering purchasing a paper shredder, make sure you do thorough research. Select a shredder that can handle your needs without breaking down or jamming easily. Destroying confidential documents is crucial to avoid identity theft—make sure you choose a shredder that can get the job done.

If you are unsure which paper shredder is right for you, call our Pittsburgh shredding experts at (412) 532-4266 and we can direct you to the nearest drop off shredding location in your area where you can drop off small volumes of paperwork to be shredded at a low cost.

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