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How Does Mobile Shredding in Pittsburgh Work?

Mobile shredding is a very useful service- it gives you the convenience of not having to bother with shredding paper yourself combined with an easy way to shred your documents without having to leave the office. Do you really want to put eight boxes of paper in your car to tote them to a drop off location somewhere in Pittsburgh or to a shredding event in the Strip District?

Mobile Shredding Service- Pittsburgh, PA

The one common thread is simply this: the more paper you have, the more of a hassle it will be to get rid of it. Not only are they heavy (one box of paper weighs 30 pounds), most of your company documents (and personal documents) have to be shredded because they contain personally identifiable information.

One of the biggest questions we are asked about mobile shredding is what it really includes compared to offsite shredding. There is definitely a difference between having a shredding company come to you and having your documents shredded at an offsite location in Pennsylvania.

Mobile shredding is an easy way to dispose of documents quickly and efficiently anywhere in Pittsburgh and gives you a way to watch your files being shredded right in front of you. It’s a secure solution for your shredding needs, and it eliminates multiple steps of the shredding process.

This article will help identify the benefits of mobile shredding along with how the process works if you want to have a professional shredding service come to your Pennsylvania home or office.

Benefits of Mobile Shredding in Pittsburgh

Here are some of the many advantages of hiring a mobile shredding company for your shredding needs. The more you understand what you can use mobile shredding for, the easier it will be to determine if it’s a good fit for your shredding project.

You Can Watch Them Shred Your Documents

Ensuring that sensitive documents are disposed of properly is extremely important. If you have critical documents you need to shred, mobile shredding could be the answer for your shredding project. All papers are placed in secure, locked containers at your Pittsburgh office and then a shredding truck destroys them while you watch. There is no physical contact between the shredding contractor and your documents at any time.

You Can Easily Schedule Regular Shredding Jobs

Shredding lots of documents at once has its advantages, but to prevent potential data breaches and decrease legal liabilities, you should really have a regularly scheduled time to shred your documents to ensure that your company is protected. A mobile shredding service can schedule weekly or monthly pickups to eliminate the buildup of unsecured information-and the chance of a low-tech hack.

It’s Easy to Ensure Negotiable Instruments are Destroyed

Any documents or items that could be exchanged for cash should be handled differently when you’re getting rid of them. This could include coupons, unused checks, certificates, and more. Since you witness the shredding right at your Pittsburgh location, and the items don’t leave your property, mobile shredding ensures that these items don’t fall into the wrong hands.

You Don’t Have to Leave Your Pittsburgh Location!

A huge advantage of mobile shredding is that you don’t have to take time out of your day to shred your documents. Most mobile shredding services will pick up and shred all your documents for you.

All you have to do is give us a call at (412) 532-4266, schedule a time, and they’ll take it from there. Mobile shredding is secure, eliminates hassle, and takes multiple steps out of the process you normally take shredding your documents internally.

How Mobile Shredding in Pittsburgh Works

Mobile Shredding helps you to maintain a shredding schedule for a Pittsburgh business or offers an easy-to-use service that gives a business that has lots of documents to shred a cost-effective solution.


Here is a brief review of the entire mobile shredding process: 

  • Fill out the form to the right to request a quote, or give us a call at (412) 532-4266. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will answer all your questions and find you the best shredding companies in the Pittsburgh area. In a few minutes, shredders located near you will have a quote for your project.
  • Select the Pittsburgh Shredding Company that fits your needs best. They will provide locked shredding bins for you to store all your documents.
  • Fill up those bins! On a regular basis, a driver will come by with a mobile shredding truck and shred all those important documents right at your curbside.
  • Then, the truck will shred all your documents safely and securely. Keep in mind that these drivers never come in contact, physically or visually, with your files. Just sit back and watch the shredding professional do his work, and then you’ll receive a certificate of destruction that documents your files were destroyed properly.

Get Free Quotes on Mobile Shredding Services in Pittsburgh Today

No matter which service you choose, you’re going to have a secure, easy-to-manage way to shred your documents no matter where you are in Pittsburgh. To learn more about our mobile services at Pittsburgh Shredding Service, simply give us a call at (412) 532-4266, or fill out the form to the left for free quotes today!

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